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Online consultation with Messenger111 - Dream Interpretation and Angel Card Reading in Cheltenham today. 15-20 years of practicing of Angel Card Reading. No tools Psychic with 20 years experience. I can tell you what your loved one feels about you and is thinking about you or others. As a natural born empath, I have this ability to feel their feelings and read directly from them. This is only ONE of the many gifts I have. I can see, hear, and feel messages from my guides. So ask away and you shall receive the answers. *** I connect directly with my spirit guides to receive messages that I see, hear, and feel. Connection is immediate as soon as the private reading starts. I connect directly with spirit and do not use any tools for this connection or during a reading. ****Please be sure to read further to understand and learn further about all of the natural gifts that I have and how I can help you. Also please be sure to read the free chat rules ; ) ***Specialize in helping you find YOUR natural born gifts. Are you in the right relationship? I have helped many people find the right path to happiness. We are all born with a special gift from God. But how do we know what it is or how to use it to the best of our ability? And how do we know if we are choosing the right partner? These subjects are ones we spend so much time thinking about and wondering. "Am I making the right decision"? Do you ever feel something is missing in your life, but you just can't figure out what it is? I specialize in these topics and can also help you with much more. **** I am an honest, understanding, compassionate individual with a Divine purpose to help and heal others with peace of mind, finding their life purpose, helping with life direction, and forgiveness of self and others. Over the past 20 years I have helped countless individuals and have covered just about every subject. If for some reason I don't think I can help with your issue, I will be very honest and up front with you to let you know what I can or can not do for you. . **** I am a Light Worker who projects positive energy for purpose of healing others emotionally and physically. Positive energy is very important for one who seeks to be happy and successful. I use positive energy to help others to succeed and live a fulfilled, positive quality of life. **** I am a certified AMP (Angel Messenger Practitioner). This means I am able to connect with angels to receive messages for others who are seeking answers and clarity in their life. The Angels will let me know if someone is on the right path in their life or if and when changes need to be made. This Divine Guidance comes to me through the gifts of clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairsentience (clear knowing), and clairaudience (clear hearing). **** I also receive messages from my Spirit Guides. I am only a vessel or the messenger, to receive the messages from the Universe to pass the information on to others. There is a reason that I get each and every message so please keep an open mind when receiving a reading. If for some reason you think the message does not apply to you, make notes and go back later to read it, and you will eventually see every message makes sense and applies to you in your life. **** I am a graduate of the Silva Method Institute which is well known for helping students raise their intuition, enter higher states of consciousness, and develop healing abilities. This teaching method has also taught me to raise my abilities in Astral Travel and receive and see "messages" as they are happening, LIVE and also past events. In other words, my mind and soul travels out of my body and goes to other physical locations where I can see things as though I was actually there physically. **** I am also certified as a Reiki Practitioner and use Reiki to send out positive energy to the Earth and those in need of healing either emotional or physical. **** I was born with the gift of receiving messages naturally as an Empath, which means I can feel other peoples’ feelings and even their physical ailments. I must put up "blocks" and "shields" to defend myself from these psychic attacks that occur constantly. An Empath can even feel overwhelmed for something as "simple" as watching tv such as the news or depressing commercials. I tend to stay away from the watching tv and anything or anyone negative because I can feel everything that others are feeling and going through. Physical and emotional. Being an Empath does help me with reading others and helping others in their life. **** I am currently a student of the University of Metaphysics studying for a PhD degree in Philosophy and specializing in Holistic Life Coaching. My life passion is and always has been helping others in any way possible. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MY CHAT RULES: - Please be respecful of others in the free chat, If you don't have anything nice to say please don't say anything at all. - Guest must register to join along in the free chat. - I am not able to give a reading in free chat so please have the respect of not asking this of me. It is against the site's rules. - Please go to private if you would like a reading. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Below you will see some of my testimonials. "I love her! She knew deep down into the heart of my issues! Not just events but outcomes, reasons, and causes... never said anything even remotely off... it was all like she knew me more than any of my friends even do and this was my first visit to her! " "I had two readings with Messenger111 and both equally great. I like the fact that she is not using cards but clearly has the ability to connect with the guides as well as see the visions of what was, is and most importantly, what will be. Her understanding of my situation and people in my life was amazingly accurate and her predictions of the future... Well, I will see but they do make a lot of sense. Five stars" "SHE IS WONDERFUL, MIND-BLOWING!!!!" "I am grateful for this opportunity. I will not forget this moment we talked. I opened Oranum and your name popped out first. And I felt I should have a look at your page and had this strong feeling that you were going to be absolutely wonderful. I had very rich, detailed, accurate, amazingly tranquil reading/conversation. I would highly recommend Messenger111 to anyone seeking answers. I did and I got plenty of them. And you will literally see her absorbing the messages from her guides. Sometimes I got the feeling, her guides were debating among them self, discussing who or how they are going to deliver the message :) Fantastic ***** " "She is spot on! Amazing!" "Shes awesome highly recommend a reading with her very intuitive and gifted." "Wow is all I can say. It's as though she understood my deepest needs, concerns and worries and had wonderful answers to my questions that were very intuitive! I feel so different about my life path ahead of me now. I feel so much more positive about making the right choices now that I have heard from angels what I am supposed to do with my life, as they have spoken to me through this wonderful channel. I knew in my heart what it is I wanted to do with my life and I guess the spirit realm did also because she was able to share with me what they were telling her. Thank you. " "Past prediction happen came for an update on my situation. " "OMg im blown away. She is so accurate so spot on i have no words. Simply amazing. Messenger is the real deal please look no further she is the best,. Kind and sweet too. I felt she also calmed me as we spoke. I will be back thank you so much for helping me." "One of the best readings i have ever had !! She was spot on and truly knew my situation and my feelings. thanks again messenger:) " "Thanks again, preditions are coming true......" "OMG Messenger is just an amazing perosn, so sweet to talk to. Her accuracy is so chilling, that she really connects very fast. Doesn't need no info to connect at all. Oranum has done it again. She will be added to my favs. I will gladly come back for more future updates. 10 ******** to Her..... " "Excellent psychic. Everything she said about my spirit guides are real. Really easy to talk to. " "She is AWESOME! Great energy reader and dead on! I recommend her and will be coming back to her!!! " "Just the nicest person. Didn't ask for any feedback, was very connected and full of detail while being concise and precise. I think anyone would love a session with her! " "Excellent and very accurate! She is a wonderful reader that connects with you and really helps you see what is going on in all aspects of your life. Words can not say how grateful I am to have found her and Oranum for having her join their team of wonderful psychics!" "Very nice and sweet and connects with her guides. I love that she doesn't need to use tools. Highly recommended! "

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